Prior to your move we require you to read through the information we have provided below and answer the questions where relevant.

Full advice and guidance on property moving can be found here.

1) Has anyone in your household been showing signs or symptoms of the Covid-19 Coronavirus? (a list of symptoms can be found here)

2) Are you classed as a clinically vulnerable or shielded individual? (ie those who have received a letter advising they are in the clinically extremely vulnerable group)

You must make ODOS Properties aware if you show any signs or symptoms throughout the house selling / buying process. During your property move, you must continue to socially distance yourself from any other parties involved in your move (i.e. removal companies). We will talk you through this if you are uncertain what to do!

A note from ODOS Properties on using removal companies throughout this period.

• Whilst the removers are in your home, you should ensure any internal doors are open and seek to minimise your contact with the crew, maintaining a distance of at least 2 metres where possible.
• All parties should wash their hands and avoid touching surfaces where possible to reduce the risk of transmitting the coronavirus.
• You should not provide refreshments, but you should ensure they have access to hand washing facilities, using separate towels or paper towels if possible, which should be washed or disposed of safely afterwards.
• Removers should wash their hands on entering the property using separate towels of paper towels which need to be washed or disposed of safely after use.
• Removers should seek to minimise contact with homeowners and remain 2 metres apart from householders at all times.
• Removers should implement a buddy system and ensure that the same people work together when moving bulky items and furniture.


You can use tradespeople to improve or fit objects into your new property. Please use common sense and the previously mentioned principles when doing so.

Keys – For Sellers

When you no longer need entry to the property, as you have officially moved out, you must lock the front door and post any spare keys you have through the letter box. Any other keys (windows, back door etc) can be left in the property. You can then hold your sole remaining keys and hand them over to one of our Estate Agents at an agreed time. All keys will be sanitised by our Agents. In regards to the new property that you are moving into we recommend carrying out a deep and thorough clean before moving in any furniture, advice can be found here)

Keys – For Buyers

Our Agents will have sanitised all the keys on display. We will arrange a date and time for a handover of the front door key whilst maintaining social distancing. All remaining keys will be located inside the property. We suggest that you clean all keys too. We recommend that before you start moving furniture into the property you carry out a thorough deep clean of the property or obtain written confirmation that this has been done. More advice can be found here.)

Market Appraisals

Our Agents will now be able to carry out full Market Appraisals at properties. We have decided that we will only conduct Market Appraisals when the following can be satisfied.
• The questionnaire has been answered by the vendors
• The Vendor and occupants of the property will be able to remain outside during
• Contact will only be had when entering the property and social distancing will occur throughout and during questions and discussions after the Market Appraisal
Our Agents will be carrying hand sanitiser and will sanitise when necessary. We ask that doors throughout the property are left open. If one of our Agents decides to wear PPE throughout the appraisal do not be alarmed.
Where possible we will carry out the bulk of conversation via Zoom/Facetime/telephone or email.


Viewings will initially be carried out via live Facetime or other media platform; we ask during viewings that the occupants of the household are elsewhere. If the potential buyers are deemed serious (by meeting our personal requirements) they can proceed to visit the property in a personal viewing. All requirements and previous checks must be satisfied before this can take place and the viewing party will be showing themselves around the property. An Agent will be present but will remain socially distant.

Full guidance on viewings can be found here.