Our top 7 tips for taking photos of your home!

Photo taken by one of our clients!

Our 7 top tips for taking photos of your home:

  1. Use the best quality camera you can get your hands on!

  2. Refresh your property, make sure that you have tidied up or given the walls a fresh lick of paint.

  3. Light shots! Ensure the photos show off your property, dark and dim photos can be off putting.

  4. Shoot from the right spot, you want to get as much of the room in as possible, but dont make the photo look misleading!

  5. Take your photographs from chest height so as not to distort the images and consider the features you want to highlight and make sure they are positioned centrally in the shot.

  6. A dozen or so well-lit shots should be enough to showcase every room and provide images of the property’s exterior and garden too!

  7. Boost your properties curb appeal! Make sure the exterior of your property has been cleaned & looks fresh for the photos!

If you have any further questions get in contact with us and we would be happy to give you more advice! If you are undecided between taking your own photos and having our professional services, you can take a look at some of photos shot of a property we sold in 6 days here:  https://www.odosproperties.co.uk/Property/propertyforsale/291

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