The god of property

About ODOS

Who are the new guys and gals on the block?

ODOS properties is a new breed of estate agent. ODOS aims to make the experience of selling or buying a home more transparent. We believe it’s about time that buying or selling properties moved out of the dark ages and became stress-free! We pride ourselves on our top-notch customer care and providing a fair service. We believe that the current estate agency market charges disproportionate prices for a service which could be provided to a much higher standard.

As we are customer centric in our operations, we are forever changing processes to provide the most transparent, efficient and cost-effective way for our customers to sell their property. Using the latest technology, ODOS has developed processes which allows customers to create their own personalised experience.

  • Our Mission

    This will help you to see our purpose and understand why it is that we do what we do. This is our promise to our employees, our clients, our partners and our communities!

    • To provide transparent, ethical, people-centric interactions, offering customer-focused solutions to buying, selling and letting properties;
    • To commit to developing relationships, with an aim of continuous improvement;
    • To create value, reduce barriers and promote effective communication.
  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to be the ‘Go-To’ Estate Agency for the United Kingdom.   

    • People: Create a great, inclusive environment to work, where people are empowered and supported to embrace their unique qualities and be the best that they can be;   
    • Place: Operate from within a productive, innovative and motivational environment, offering Customer-centric property buying, selling and letting solutions;    
    • Planet: Be a responsible and considerate Company that makes a positive difference by helping to create, support and sustain e Communities;    
    • Partners: Create value and choice through  effective partnerships, ensuring that the quality of service and product provision reflects ODOS’s values;   
    • Profit: Maximise and protect the long-term return to shareholders, whilst embracing our Corporate responsibilities, through robust Governance;    
    • Processes: Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organisation, with a desire for continuous improvement:    
    • Pride: Where our people are proud about their work for us, partners are proud to work with us and clients are proud to have chosen us!        

    ODOS Properties delivers bespoke services through a careful Integration of our own bespoke software, beliefs, relationship management and a well-trained team, intent on delivering an exemplary customer experience. This approach leads us to strongly believe we can change Estate Agency for the better, for Buyers and Sellers of Property, for Estate Agents and for our trusted partners.   
  • Our Values

    Our values are a barometer for our internal and external behaviour.

    • Integrity,
    • Openness,
    • Honesty,
    • Transparency,
    • Eagerness to learn,
    • Commitment to customer.

    Leadership: The buck stops here!

    Collaboration: Allow the qualities of our staff to be reflected in our uniqueness

    Integrity: Be open, honest, ethical and transparent

    Accountability: The buck stops here! Own the responsibility.

    Passion: Perform our roles like we believe in our abilities!

    Diversity: Reflect the market we exist for.

    Quality: Do it right, or make it right!

    Focus on needs of our employees, consumers, customers and partners

    Seek, listen, observe, learn and act!

    Work lean and smart.

    Set personal objectives, improve ourselves, reach organisational objectives to improve your experience.

    Time is valuable - we will value it.

    Make change for the better, happen!

    Treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

    Be accountable for our actions and inactions.

    Always strive to make ODOS Properties a better place to work.

 In the beginning...

James Graham founded ODOS properties in 2017 whilst studying for a levels. James began to develop the idea when his parents were selling their family home in Worcestershire. At a young age James realised how stressful and complicated the selling and buying process was, often leaving those with limited knowledge of real estate confused. In 2017, he began to develop a process, integrating technology and a face to face service to see how the selling process could become more transparent, hassle-free and ultimately cheaper! During his a level he began to create the version 1 software with a developer in Birmingham and ODOS Properties was born.

At the start of 2019 ODOS properties received investment allowing it to start its journey! In June 2019 ODOS Properties started trading, by February 2020 ODOS has listed over 190 properties across the United Kingdom.

A statement from our founder James Graham

"The concept sounds simple! - create a fun, transparent, modern and dynamic estate agent's improving the experience for home buyers and sellers. We do this by having bespoke software which we constantly update. Our software allows clients to contact their allocated estate agent directly, receive offers, view live property progression and updates, upload anti-money laundering documents and much, much more, whilst our new software 'ODOS' will guide you through the entire process. This creates a much quicker, easier and more transparent process for all parties involved and effectively saves our sellers and buyers from having to call our headquarters or email us, as they can do everything from their smartphone, with help on hand at all times.

For our employees we aim to be a fun community, enabling opportunities that estate agents simply don't get at their high street branches. We offer a modern work ethic allowing our experienced 'partners' (ODOS estate agents) to work remotely, at times that suit them and 'the modern lifestyle', on an unrivalled commission structure. Our team at ODOS headquarters take care of the 'boring stuff' for all of our partners, allowing them to focus on face to face customer service, growing the business and doing the 'fun stuff'.

We've had a great first year and we have extremely exciting things planned for our future. 'ODOS 2020' is well underway, starting with the launch of our new website in March this year. The plan involves the installation of our nationwide ODOS partners network allowing us to conduct our service with a face to face approach up, down and across the three countries. We hope to begin a crowdfunding campaign over the next few months to fund our upscale in services, brand awareness and the secretive next steps in our 2020 plan..."

If you want to work with or be involved with ODOS properties you can contact our Managing Director James Graham by emailing

What's behind the name ODOS? and why are you the so called 'God of property'?

'ODOS' is a name of a fictional Greek god who is 'the god of property' he guides people through the property process, ODOS was created to produce simple, effective, transparent and hassle-free process to all those who chose him to sell their property.


Our Recommended Partners

ODOS Properties has carefully selected recommended professional services that we can confidently advise our customers to use. These are companies with similar values, standards and beliefs. Using these services may increase the speed and level of transparency our customers have in their property sale as we have established relationships and processes with these companies.

9-5 means nothing for our Property Experts, recommended Mortgage Advisors and Conveyancing Team! Feel free to contact us whenever!

For more information contact our customer sales team on or phone us on 01531 825849